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Everyone wants to experience the best performance from their vehicle. To ensure the best performance gains are achieved Doug Thorley Headers offers a wide range of Performance Headers to fit your needs.  Doug Thorley Headers are Stage 2 components which are used to improve the overall performance of your vehicle by a significant margin. The major objective of DTH Tri-Y Headers is to make sure that the engine can accelerate the exhaust gases from the cylinder heads by scavenging the system to provide better bottom end torque and performance to the engine.

Are you looking to climb that hill faster using less fuel for your Motor Home? Doug Thorley Headers’ Tri-Y design is designed to build maximum horsepower and torque in the idle to 4500 RPM range. They are ideally suited for use by pickup trucks and motor homes that need more pulling and passing power as well as street cruisers with stock to mildly modified engines.