Thorley Do It Yourself Kits



By taking a peek at the Thorley Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) kits, you will see how easy this can be for you or your local fabricators to build a custom set of headers for

your unique needs. These kits were intended for the builders that can’t find any production style headers to match their current or future projects.


Whether you are using a SBC with aftermarket heads, swapping to a different motor in your Jeep, or placing a BBC into a classic hot rod, the

Thorley DIY kits are here to make that task much easier. Simply use the drop-down boxes above, starting with your motor first to find out

what is available for your motor. This easy to use setup will allow you to choose your flanges, primary tubing size, and style of headers.

Can’t find a Tri-Y header for your build, no problem. You can make one with the kits available.


If you have questions or need some guidance on what the best set up for you needs are please feel free to call us

at 951-739-5900 or email us at