Tri-Y Headers

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The Tri-Y Header is designed with an emphasis on maximum low and mid range torque, while making ample horsepower throughout the RPM range. The 4:2:1 Tri-Y header design makes it the ideal choice for trucks, tow-rigs, RV’s and most street applications. The collector design makes this header one of our most efficient, which means you’ll see improvements both on the dyno and at the pump.

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A Doug Thorley Headers original design, the 4:2:1 collector specification on the Tri-Y Header is engineered to match your engine’s firing order and thereby maximize exhaust scavenging – the complete expulsion of gasses on the exhaust stroke. The Tri-Y design creates more usable power and torque than any other header design, making it the header of choice for enthusiasts who want the most bang for their buck.

  • Street legal in all 50 states (most applications)
  • Super tough 3/8” flanges and 14 gauge tubing
  • Compliant to the toughest emission standards
  • Maximum torque and horsepower boost
  • A Doug Thorley Headers original design
  • 100% Made in America
  • Durable ceramic coating