Shortie Headers


Modern engine compartments are crowded spaces, and seem to be getting even more crowded with every new year. That’s why we’ve developed our Shortie Headers to provide maximum performance in a compact, easy to install package. Our Shortie Headers replace restrictive stock manifolds with thick wall steel tubing for increased exhaust flow, but retain the factory mounting locations for emissions equipment to keep you street legal.


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The Shortie Header works great in applications where space is limited, and a Long Tube or Tri-Y header just won’t fit. Easy installation, more power and better fuel economy make the Shortie a winner.

  • Street legal in all 50 states (most applications)
  • Compact design – great for tight spaces
  • Tough 3/8” flanges and thick wall steel tubing
  • Compliant with the toughest emission standards
  • Super easy installation
  • 100% Made in America
  • Durable ceramic coating