Tri-Y Headers

tri-y-header-croppedThe Tri-Y Header is designed with an emphasis on maximum low and mid range torque, while making ample horsepower throughout the RPM range. The 4:2:1 Tri-Y header design makes it the ideal choice for trucks, tow-rigs, RV’s and most street applications. The collector design makes this header one of our most efficient, which means you’ll see improvements both on the dyno and at the pump.


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Long Tube Headers


Our Long Tube Headers replace restrictive stock exhaust manifolds with long primary tubes designed to dramatically increase the flow of exhaust gasses, and reduce power robbing back pressure within the exhaust system. Allowing the engine to breathe more freely improves power and efficiency, making our Long Tube Headers one of the most cost-effective modifications you can make to your vehicle.


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WORX Series Headers


wrox-series-headers-croppedBorn from the Doug Thorley Headers legendary Tri-Y configuration, our WORX series headers unleash all the head turning, asphalt burning performance that defines the American muscle car. Each WORX Series header has been carefully tuned to extract maximum power and efficiency from either the 5.0L “Coyote” V8 found in ’11-‘12 Ford Mustangs, or the 6.2L V8 of the ’10-‘12 Chevrolet Camaro.


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Shortie Headers


shortie-headers-croppedModern engine compartments are crowded spaces, and seem to be getting even more crowded with every new year. That’s why we’ve developed our Shortie Headers to provide maximum performance in a compact, easy to install package. Our Shortie Headers replace restrictive stock manifolds with thick wall steel tubing for increased exhaust flow, but retain the factory mounting locations for emissions equipment to keep you street legal.


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Exhaust Systems


cat-back-croppedEliminating restriction in the exhaust system to allow your engine to breathe freely is often the first step on the way to producing more power, and Doug Thorley Headers has over half a century of experience in doing just that. Our cat-back and turbo-back exhaust systems draw on that experience to deliver more horsepower and torque than restrictive OEM systems, and a satisfying rumble that lets others know you mean business.


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